On 2020-05-22 16:01, Tom Horsley wrote:
If they are normal video DVDs, the dvdbackup program can turn them
into disk image files. Might need to add rpmfusion.org repos
and install rpmfusion-free-release-tainted from there so that
you can then install libdvdcss.

If they are hybrid disks with windows executables and such, not
sure how to get that to run, but dvdbackup probably still
creates an image of the entire DVD (not sure about that)

If you then want the videos in more convenient format (like
mkv or mp4) the HandBrake-gui package from rpmfusion can
read the backup images and extract and transcode videos.

If it is an external USB dvd drive, beware of:

I guess I wrote too much and confused the question. All /want is to transfer the disks to the flash drive, they can then be run on a Windows system. /

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