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> Lex,
> Often I need to place /*..*/ or html <!--- ... --->  around selection.
> Addons plugin allow to define one letter only in beginning and in the
> end and finally doesn't work - just insert empty space before and
> after selection.
> May be I do something wrong?
> Regards
> BR
> Vladimir Avshtolis

In a html file, use of [CTRL]+[e], nicely add/remove <!-- --> around
selection ! as you want !
But for php file only single line comment works '//'
I don't understand how it works, maybe cause of mixed language use
html/js/php, they share some functionnality.

In documentation [1] it is written you can specify comment_open and
comment_close in filetypes.php, so i try as follow :

Don't work :(, it is still single line comment '//'
So, I add a line with blank value for comment_single, as follow :
After reloading configuration, commenting a block, in a php file, will
append html/xml style comment (<!-- -->) and removing it with keybinding
not working, changing comment_open and comment_close in filetypes.html
with :
Works for php file, but the problem is now with html file comment, it
will use /* and */ and can't remove it with keybinding :(

So, is it possible to use comment bloc with php and html filetype in the
same time ?


[1] https://www.geany.org/manual/dev/#filetype-configuration
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