Thank you for the advice, it is clear with comment tags.
In development of the discussion it would be great to have possibility to place around selection any unsymmetrical structure like <div class=''>...</div> i.e. possibility to assign to hot key open tag and close tag separately. And good if it could be also assigned to an icon as well as to hot key and placed on special instrument panel. I test the Geany for a month and I can say it is really great project. Many thanks to authors and developers!

Vladimir Avshtolis

02.02.2018 11:43, Jérôme Andanson пишет:
Le 31/01/2018 à 13:10, Vladimir Avshtolis via Users a écrit :
Often I need to place /*..*/ or html <!--- ... ---> around selection.
Addons plugin allow to define one letter only in beginning and in the end and finally doesn't work - just insert empty space before and after selection.
May be I do something wrong?
Vladimir Avshtolis

In a html file, use of [CTRL]+[e], nicely add/remove <!-- --> around selection ! as you want !
But for php file only single line comment works '//'
I don't understand how it works, maybe cause of mixed language use html/js/php, they share some functionnality.

In documentation [1] it is written you can specify comment_open and comment_close in filetypes.php, so i try as follow :

Don't work :(, it is still single line comment '//'
So, I add a line with blank value for comment_single, as follow :
After reloading configuration, commenting a block, in a php file, will append html/xml style comment (<!-- -->) and removing it with keybinding not working, changing comment_open and comment_close in filetypes.html with :
Works for php file, but the problem is now with html file comment, it will use /* and */ and can't remove it with keybinding :(

So, is it possible to use comment bloc with php and html filetype in the same time ?



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