After looking into what it takes to implement ICustomTypeProvider it seems like 
it would be a nightmare for dynamic object support. You have to produce actual 
custom Type instances, presumably using TypeBuilder and emitting IL opcodes to 
handle the getter/setter accessors. If the databinding system caches those 
dynamically-created Types then it could cause problems because what happens 
when we add a new member via expando after binding once (or remove one that 
previously existed)? But if they don't cache the Type objects then it seems 
like the overhead might be absurd from constructing these things again and 
again (and you can't use TypeBuilder without first creating a dynamic assembly 
and module).

I really hope they alter course and go with ICustomTypeDescriptor instead (or 
even IDynamicMetaObjectProvider if that is feasible). I really don't understand 
how they expect the current system to work for "dynamic properties" because 
there is nothing dynamic at all about a System.Type instance. The best it can 
hope to be is a snapshot of the metadata from a dynamic object as of some point 
in time.

Keith Rome
Senior Consultant and Architect
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On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 11:03 AM, Dino Viehland <> wrote:
> Jeff wrote:
>> On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 11:14 PM, Chad Brockman <>
>> wrote:
>> > I see Silverlight 5 now has something besides simple reflection
>> > (ICustomTypeProvider) -
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > Will we see an update to Iron*/DLR to support binding to dynamic 
>> > objects any time soon? This will open fantastic options for using 
>> > IronPython in Silverlight.
>> If someone provides a patch, yes.
>> We actually need someone with an interest in Silverlight to keep an 
>> eye on it and make sure that we don't break SL support and new 
>> features like this. We don't have anyone in that role right now.
> If anyone's interested on working on this it'd probably mean adding an 
> implementation of this onto OldInstance as well as adding it onto our 
> new-style instances whose classes are created by NewTypeMaker.  Adding 
> the interface is probably pretty easy, making it return useful things may be 
> a little more difficult.
> I'm a little surprised they didn't go with the already existing 
> ICustomTypeDescriptor.

Are you really surprised? :)

It is still in Beta. Maybe there's a slight chance their minds could be 
changed? I'm guessing they don't have the rest of System.ComponentModel either, 
so they didn't want to add just one interface.

- Jeff
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