A quick update.  I've only tested Snow Leopard with *success*.  I have not
seen the thread crashing issue.  Using and 2.0.413.0.  SL 10.6.2.
I'm hoping to test Leopard later today or tomorrow.

The UI is native Cocoa calling into an embedded mono runtime.  The C# code
is multithreaded handling requests from the UI to a backend server.  On
average there probably are 5 active C# threads during usage.


On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 6:15 PM, Laurent Etiemble <
laurent.etiem...@monobjc.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> Sorry for the late update, but I had some busy nights trying to find
> another work-around for the Snow Leopard crash. The 4.0.436 release of
> the Monobjc bridge has brought mixed results regarding the Snow
> Leopard crash: some users have reported success while others have
> reported nasty crashes.
> So, I have resumed my work on the Mono runtime patching to find an
> acceptable way to do it (not too hacky so Novell would accept it).
> During my tests, I have discover that the conditions of the bug are
> already present under Leopard. Why it does not crash seems linked to
> the way TSD (Thread Specfic Data) are destroyed. So I have changed my
> approach and I have come to a workaround that seems to prevent the
> crash.
> The archive of the patched Mono runtime is available at:
> http://build.monobjc.net/releases/
> In order to use the archive:
> - you need to have a working installation of Mono.
> - uncompress the archive in /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions
> - relink the Current symlink to the archive (sudo rm Current && sudo
> ln -s Current)
> Some points about this runtime:
> - The runtime is universal. I have made some tests under some
> OS/Processor combinations, but I cannot cover all hardware.
> - The runtime contains Mono, Visual Basic and NAnt. It does not
> contains libgdiplus or any of the third-party packages.
> - The runtime contains all what is needed to run mkbundle or the
> packaging tasks.
> - The runtime also contains other patches: embedded "machine.config"
> and "app.config" are now usable.
> If you decide to test this runtime, please provide the following:
> - hardware/system full version
> - kind of application/complexity
> - anything that can help in case of crash
> Regards, Laurent Etiemble.

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