Ok, I found was went wrong. In order to fix the concurrent access on
code generation (reported by Duane), I have included the messaging
invocation into the guarded block, thus leading to a deadlock in case
of cross-thread calls. Shame on me...

I will try to push a release as soon as possible as it can impact
virtually every application that has a worker thread. If you cannot
wait, you have to fix these three files by moving the
"invoker(receiver, selector, parameters) line out of the lock block:
- src/libraries/Monobjc/Bridge/Generators/DynamicMessagingGenerators.Args.cs
- src/libraries/Monobjc/Bridge/Generators/DynamicMessagingGenerators.NoArgs.cs
- src/libraries/Monobjc/Bridge/Generators/DynamicMessagingGenerators.VarArgs.cs

Thank you for taking time to provide a test case and help me solve
this (stupid) bug.

Regards, Laurent Etiemble.

2010/1/18 Laurent Etiemble <laurent.etiem...@monobjc.net>:
> Hello,
> I think your issue is linked to a bug fix introduced in the latest
> release: the dynamic code generation is now guarded against concurrent
> access and it is somewhat messing with your code (I still don't know
> why, I am investigating).
> As a workaround, I would suggest you to comment the lines 49 to 54 in
> ApplicationController (the "if (progressBar.InvokeRequired)" block).
> Regards, Laurent Etiemble.
> 2010/1/12 Laurent Etiemble <laurent.etiem...@monobjc.net>:
>> Hello,
>> Can you make a small sample application so I can reproduce ?
>> Regards, Laurent Etiemble.
>> 2010/1/12 Mario De Clippeleir <mari...@sydec.be>:
>>> Hi Laurent,
>>> I was just trying out the latest version (thank btw) and i have encountered
>>> the following problem : I show a progress indicator in a sheet while i am
>>> doing stuff. This used to work with older versions,
>>> but with the latest version the progress bar is not updated and the sheet
>>> does not want to disappear (using NSApplication.NSApp.EndSheet and
>>> progressSheet.OrderOut(progressSheet)
>>> Any idea what is going on ?
>>> Br,
>>> Mario
>>> On 11/01/2010 15:07, Laurent Etiemble wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I am proud to announce that a new release of Monobjc bridge is available
>>> (http://www.monobjc.net/). The Monobjc bridge provides the necessary tools
>>> to develop and run .NET applications (written in C#, VB.NET, etc.) that
>>> interact with Objective-C frameworks and libraries under Mac OS X. Existing
>>> Objective-C classes can be used in .NET code in an almost transparent
>>> manner.
>>> What's new in the 2.0.476.0 release:
>>> - Monobjc now includes a native library. Tutorials and samples have been
>>> updated accordingly.
>>> - Support for the Growl framework. A sample application is included.
>>> - Add extension methods to ease conversion between selectors and strings.
>>> - Fix <mkbundle/> task to support assembly with spaces in their names.
>>> - Fix number of missing symbols or invalid functions.
>>> Known Issues:
>>> - Some users have reported crashes in their applications under Snow Leopard.
>>> The native library included in the bridge should solve most of the cases. If
>>> the crashes persist, please provide a crash report trace and if possible a
>>> small test-case to reproduce. I am currently working with Mono's team to
>>> find a solution.
>>> - There are some oddity with the recent releases of Mono on PowerPC
>>> machines. If you encounter an issue, please please provide a crash report
>>> trace and if possible a small test-case to reproduce. Mono issues are very
>>> hard to spot, so any help is welcome.
>>> Downloads: http://www.monobjc.net/index.php?page=downloads
>>> Tutorials : http://www.monobjc.net/index.php?page=tutorials
>>> Samples: http://www.monobjc.net/index.php?page=sample-applications
>>> Programming Guide: http://www.monobjc.net/index.php?page=programming-guide
>>> Feedback, remarks and donations are welcomed !!!
>>> Regards, Laurent Etiemble.

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