For the moment, there are two options to package an application into a
native Mac application:

1) by using MonoDevelop addins: under MonoDevelop, Monobjc project can be
exported as native application from the GUI. See
2) by using the Monobjc NAnt tasks. NAnt is an XML based scripting system,
which is very flexible. See http://www.monobjc.net/index.php?page=nant-tasks

Obviously, as you already have a working development environment, I suggest
you to use the second option. The Monobjc NAnt tasks documentation contains
an example of NAnt script for the native packaging.

Feel free to experiment and ask questions.

Regards, Laurent Etiemble.

Note: I am currently working on a set of MSBuild tasks to offer the native
packaging to any MSBuild based project.

2011/9/22 Alan Grace <a...@sybermedica.com>

>   I’ve written an application for Mac using visual studio and Embacadero’s
> prism.  This allows
> me to use .net code and Objective Pascal.  The app works but
> our users will have to install mono.  Does anyone know how I can repackage
> the
> app into a native mac app?
> Thanks
> Alan Grace

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