Hi Luis,

Luis Vitorio Cargnini wrote:
Thanks, but I really do not want to use Boost.
Is easier ? certainly is, but I want to make it using only MPI itself and not been dependent of a Library, or templates like the majority of boost a huge set of templates and wrappers for different libraries, implemented in C, supplying a wrapper for C++. I admit Boost is a valuable tool, but in my case, as much independent I could be from additional libs, better.

I've used Boost MPI before and it really isn't that bad and shouldn't be seen as "just another library". Many parts of Boost are on their way to being part of the standard and are discussed and debated on. And so, it isn't the same as going to some random person's web page and downloading their library/template. Of course, it takes time to make it into the standard and I'm not entirely sure if everything will (probably not).

(One "annoying" thing about Boost MPI is that you have to compile it...if you are distributing your code, end-users might find that bothersome...oh, and serialization as well.)

One suggestion might be to make use of Boost and once you got your code working, start changing it back. At least you will have a working program to compare against. Kind of like writing a prototype first...


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