Hi Dan

This is not an Open MPI problem.
This is most likely a problem with the MOM Makefile,
which seems to be missing your Open MPI include directory.

Change the mkmf.template file and replace the Fortran
compiler name (gfortran) by the Open MPI (OMPI) Fortran compiler wrapper: mpifortran (or mpif90 if it still exists
in OMPI 1.8.1), perhaps using the full path to it.
The mpifortran/mpif90 compiler wrapper knows exactly where to find
the Open MPI include files, the libraries, etc.
You may need to comment out or remove spurious entries
mkmf.template pointing to other MPI implementations (e.g.
to MPICH libraries and include files).

Then rebuild the Makefile and compile MOM again.

I hope this helps.
Gus Correa

On 07/25/2014 12:37 PM, Dan Shell wrote:
I am trying to compile MOM and have installed openmpi 1.8.1 getting an
installation error below
Looking for some help in openmpi to make sure the mpif.h is loaded correctly
Should I use an older version of openmpi?
Thank You
Dan Shell

gfortran  -Duse_netCDF -Duse_netCDF3 -Duse_libMPI -DUSE_OCEAN_BGC

include <mpif.h>
Error: Unclassifiable statement at (1)
     Included at

integer :: stat(MPI_STATUS_SIZE)
Error: Symbol 'mpi_status_size' at (1) has no IMPLICIT type

   public :: stat, mpp_stack, ptr_stack, status, ptr_status, sync, ptr_sync
Error: The module or main program array 'stat' at (1) must have constant
make: *** [mpp_data.o] Error 1
if ( 2 ) then
echo Make failed to create  lib_FMS.a
Make failed to create  lib_FMS.a

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