> How to cross compile *openmpi *for* arm *on* x86_64 pc.*
> *Kindly provide configure options for above...*

You should pass your arm architecture name to the --host option.

Example of my configure options for Open MPI, run on sparc64,
built on x86_64:


If you need Fortran support, it's a bit complex. You need to
prepare a special file and pass it to the --with-cross option.

A cross mpicc command is not built automatically with the
options above. There are (at least) three options to compile
your MPI programs.

(A) Manually add -L, -I, and -l options to the cross gcc command
    (or another compiler) when you compile a MPI program.
    The options you should pass is written in
    In most cases, -I$installdir/include -L$installdir/lib -lmpi
    will be sufficient.

(B) Use the --enable-script-wrapper-compilers option on configure
    time, as you tried. This method may not be maintained well
    in the Open MPI team so you may encounter problems.
    But you can ask them on this mailing list.

(C) Build Open MPI for x86_64 natively, copy the opal_wrapper
    command, and write wrapper-data.txt file.
    This is a bit complex task. I'll write the procedure on
    GitHub Wiki when I have a time.
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