Hi all,

Thank you for responding me....

Below is my configure options.......

./configure --enable-orterun-prefix-by-default
--prefix="/home/nmahesh/Workspace/ARM_MPI/openmpi" \
CC=arm-openwrt-linux-muslgnueabi-gcc \
CXX=arm-openwrt-linux-muslgnueabi-g++ \
--host=arm-openwrt-linux-muslgnueabi \
--disable-mpi-fortran \
--enable-shared \
--disable-mmap-shmem \
--disable-posix-shmem \
--disable-sysv-shmem \
--disable-dlopen \

it's configured ,make & make install successfully.....

i compiled  *helloworld.c *programm got executable for *arm* as below(by
checking the readelf *armhelloworld*),

-L/home/nmahesh/Workspace/ARM_MPI/openmpi/lib helloworld.c -o armhelloworld*

nmahesh@nmahesh-H81MLV3:~/Workspace/ARM_MPI/mpi$ ls
a.out  *armhelloworld * helloworld.c  openmpi-1.10.3  openmpi-1.10.3.tar.gz

But ,while i run using mpirun on target board as below

*root@OpenWrt:/# mpirun --allow-run-as-root -np 1 armhelloworld *

looks like opal_init failed for some reason; your parallel process islikely
to abort.  There are many reasons that a parallel process canfail during
opal_init; some of which are due to configuration orenvironment problems.
This failure appears to be an internal failure;here's some additional
information (which may only be relevant to anOpen MPI developer):
opal_shmem_base_select failed  --> Returned value -1 instead of
help me.......Thanks and Regards,Mahesh .N*

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 5:09 PM, Kawashima, Takahiro <
t-kawash...@jp.fujitsu.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> > How to cross compile *openmpi *for* arm *on* x86_64 pc.*
> >
> > *Kindly provide configure options for above...*
> You should pass your arm architecture name to the --host option.
> Example of my configure options for Open MPI, run on sparc64,
> built on x86_64:
>   --prefix=...
>   --host=sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu
>   --build=x86_64-cross-linux-gnu
>   --disable-mpi-fortran
>   CC=your_c_cross_compiler_command
>   CXX=your_cxx_cross_compiler_command
> If you need Fortran support, it's a bit complex. You need to
> prepare a special file and pass it to the --with-cross option.
> A cross mpicc command is not built automatically with the
> options above. There are (at least) three options to compile
> your MPI programs.
> (A) Manually add -L, -I, and -l options to the cross gcc command
>     (or another compiler) when you compile a MPI program.
>     The options you should pass is written in
>     $installdir/share/openmpi/mpicc-wrapper-data.txt.
>     In most cases, -I$installdir/include -L$installdir/lib -lmpi
>     will be sufficient.
> (B) Use the --enable-script-wrapper-compilers option on configure
>     time, as you tried. This method may not be maintained well
>     in the Open MPI team so you may encounter problems.
>     But you can ask them on this mailing list.
> (C) Build Open MPI for x86_64 natively, copy the opal_wrapper
>     command, and write wrapper-data.txt file.
>     This is a bit complex task. I'll write the procedure on
>     GitHub Wiki when I have a time.
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