Anyone successfully using PMIx with OpenMPI and SLURM?  I have,

1. Installed an “external” version (1.1.5) of PMIx.
2. Patched SLURM 15.08.13 with the SchedMD-provided PMIx patch (results in an 
mpi_pmix plugin along the lines of mpi_pmi2).
3. Built OpenMPI 2.0.1 (tried 2.0.3 as well).

However, when attempting to launch MPI apps (LAMMPS in this case), I get

    [c9a-s2.ufhpc:08914] PMIX ERROR: UNREACHABLE in file 
src/client/pmix_client.c at line 199

This comes from,

        if (PMIX_SUCCESS != (ret=usock_connect((struct sockaddr *)address, 
&sd))) {
        return ret;
I’ve googled and looked at the archives and don’t see any other references to 
this error.  Don’t really see much about using OpenMPI with pmix at all.  I 
assumed the “server” side was embedded in orted or some such but maybe not.

What am I missing?  Is there some server that needs to be started separately as 
with mpd?


Charlie Taylor
Research Computing
University of Florida
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