On Apr 6, 2018, at 8:12 AM, Michael Di Domenico <mdidomeni...@gmail.com> wrote:
> so the resulting warnings i get
> mca_btl_openib: lbrdmacm.so.1
> mca_btl_usnic: libfabric.so.1
> mca_oob_ud: libibverbs.so.1
> mca_mtl_mxm: libmxm.so.2
> mca_mtl_ofi: libfabric.so.1
> mca_mtl_psm: libpsm_infinipath.so.1
> mca_mtl_psm2: libpsm2.so.2
> mca_pml_yalla: libmxm.so.2
> you referenced them as "errors" above, but mpi actually runs just fine
> for me even with these msgs, so i would consider them more warnings.

Yeah, they're warnings.  They're basically telling you that the relevant 
plugins can't be opened (because the libraries they depend on aren't there).

In your case, that's actually exactly what you want, because even if plugin X 
can't be found, you really wanted plugin Y on that platform, anyway.

> it would be nice if openmpi had (or may already have) a simple switch
> that lets me disable entire portions of the library chain, ie this
> host doesn't have a particular interconnect, so don't load any of the
> libraries.  this might run counter to how openmpi discovers and load
> libs though.

We've actually been arguing about exactly how to do this for quite a while.  
It's complicated (I can explain further, if you care).  :-\

That being said, I think we *do* have a workaround that might be good enough 
for you: disable those warnings about plugins not being able to be opened:

mpirun --mca mca_component_show_load_errors 0 ...

(or put "mca_component_show_load_errors=0" in the system-wide 
openmpi-mca-params.conf file)

I believe that will disable the messages for you.

Jeff Squyres

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