From off-list communications with ARM/Allinea I learned that they do intend to 
support OpenMPI 3.x and that using “OpenMPI (Compatibility)” for the 
implementation mode, applications built with OpenMPI 3.0.0 can be debugged 
successfully (in my case at least) with Forge/DDT 7.0.4.

Thanks to those who replied,


> On Apr 11, 2018, at 2:54 PM, Charles A Taylor <> wrote:
> Contacting ARM seems a bit difficult so I thought I would ask here.  We rely 
> on DDT for debugging but it doesn’t work with OpenMPI 3.x and I can’t find 
> anything about them having plans to support it.
> Anyone know if ARM DDT has plans to support newer versions of OpenMPI?
> Charlie Taylor
> UF Research Computing
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