Dear Jeff,

did not attend SC this year. Though I have a question regarding the
removal of deprecated MPI-1 functions.

The slides mention that "NOT PROTOYPED IN v4.0.x mpi.h BY DEFAULT" but
 "Can use --enable-mpi1-compatibility to restore the removed mpi.h

I just build the new Open MPI 4.0.0, without knoladge of this fact,
though not with --enable-mpi1-compatibility. But My mpi.h still has
the prototypes, i.e., MPI_Attr_out etc. pp

OMPI_DECLSPEC  int MPI_Attr_delete(MPI_Comm comm, int keyval)
            __mpi_interface_deprecated__("MPI_Attr_delete was
deprecated in MPI-2.0; use MPI_Comm_delete_attr instead");
OMPI_DECLSPEC  int PMPI_Attr_delete(MPI_Comm comm, int keyval)
            __mpi_interface_deprecated__("PMPI_Attr_delete was
deprecated in MPI-2.0; use PMPI_Comm_delete_attr instead");

But the does not have the symbols at all. Which is not
surprising by looking at the code of ompi/mpi/c/"

libmpi_c_mpi_la_SOURCES += \
        address.c \
        attr_delete.c \
        attr_get.c \
        attr_put.c \
        errhandler_create.c \
        errhandler_get.c \
        errhandler_set.c \
        keyval_create.c \
        keyval_free.c \
        type_extent.c \
        type_hindexed.c \
        type_hvector.c \
        type_lb.c \
        type_struct.c \

Is this the expected situation?

Thanks for clarifying.

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> Thanks to all who came to the Open MPI SotU BOF at SC'18 in Dallas, TX, USA 
> this week!  It was great talking with you all.
> Here are the slides that we presented:
> Please feel free to ask any followup questions on the users or devel lists.
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