Jeff Hammond <> writes:

> Preprocessor is fine in Fortran compilers. We’ve used in NWChem for many
> years, and NWChem supports “all the compilers”.
> Caveats:
> - Cray dislikes recursive preprocessing logic that other compilers handle.
> You won’t use this so please ignore.
> - IBM XLF requires -WF,-DFOO=BAR instead of -DFOO=BAR but this is strictly
> a build system issue so you can ignore.
> - GCC Fortran supports classic/legacy version of CPP so you can’t use
> certain things that work in C/C++ but again, this should affect you.

Off-topic, but my experience of cpp/Fortran gotchas is wider, partly as
a GNU Fortran maintainer, though doubtless it's less of an issue in a
GNU/Linux monoculture.

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