Hi all,

     I am now having a GPU Direct issue. I loaded gcc/5.2.0,
openmpi-gdr/2.0.0, cuda/8.0.61, on two Nvidia P100 GPUs. The program I am
now testing is a very simple test code, having one GPU to send a buffer to
another GPU directly. After running with "mpirun -mca
btl_openib_want_cuda_gdr 1 -np 2 ./executable", the terminal returned "You
requested to run with CUDA GPU Direct RDMA support but this OFED
installation does not have that support.  Contact Mellanox to figure out
how to get an OFED stack with that support." I am wondering how to fix this
issue. Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

Weicheng Xue
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