On 4/24/19 7:25 AM, Gilles Gouaillardet wrote:

what if you move some parameters to CPPFLAGS and CXXCPPFLAGS (see the
new configure command line below)

Thanks, Gilles, that did in fact work for 3.3.4.  I was writing up an email
when yours came in, so I'll move my response to here:

Jeff, I've now tried several things, so I have some ideas, and I can send you one
or more config.log's, as you wish.  Will mention options at end of this.

First, I got the compile to work, below, with -DOPAL_STDC_HEADERS added to CFLAGS, but then subsequent packages failed to build for not knowing ptrdiff_t.  So it
appeared that I would have to have -DOPAL_STDC_HEADERS set for all dependent
packaged.  So then I configured with CPPFLAGS set to the same as CFLAGS, and for 3.1.4, it configured, built, installed, and dependent packages did as well.
For 4.0.1, it did not.

Some responses below:

A few notes on your configure line:

'/Users/cary/projects/ulixesall-llvm/builds/openmpi-4.0.1/nodl/../configure' \
The MPI C++ bindings are no longer built by default, and you're not enabling 
them (via --enable-mpi-cxx), so you don't need to specify CXX or CXXFLAGS here.

Thanks for this and your other comments on how to minimize our configuration
line.  Will adopt.

   FC='/opt/homebrew/bin/gfortran-6' \
   F77='/opt/homebrew/bin/gfortran-6' \
F77 is ignored these days; FC is the only one that matters.

Thanks.  Will clean up.

   CFLAGS='-fvisibility=default -mmacosx-version-min=10.10 
 -fPIC -pipe -DSTDC_HEADERS' \
Do you need all these CFLAGS?  E.g., does clang not -I that directory by 
default (I don't actually know if it is necessary or not)?  What does 

-fvisibility=default: found needed for Boost, and kept through entire chain.  
May revisit.

-mmacosx-version-min=10.10: Gives a build that is guaranteed to work back 
through Yosemite, when
we distribute our binaries.

 Apple is now putting nothing in /usr/include.  The sdk then provides its
unique /usr/include above.  However, the LLVM latest (which gives openmp), does 
not know
that, and so it has to be told which /usr/include to use.

One can install command-line tools, but then one cannot have several sdk's 

-fPIC: duplicative given --with-pic, but no harm, passed to all our packages.

-pipe: supposedly build performance, but I have not tested.

I *think* -DSTDC_HEADERS is a hint to Apple (but not to openmpi) to use only 
consistent with stdc.

Can you send all the information listed here:


I have the following builds/build attempts:


1. Not adding -DOPAL_STDC_HEADERS: build fails.

2. Adding -DOPAL_STDC_HEADERS: build succeeds, hdf5 parallel build fails.

3. Not adding -DOPAL_STDC_HEADERS, but setting CPPFLAGS to be identical to CFLAGS:
openmpi and hdf5-parallel builds both succeed.

4.0.1, best formula above (CPPFLAGS set to same as CFLAGS):

4. Fails to build for a different reason.

Which would you like?


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