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> THAT is a good idea. When using Omnipath we see an issue with stale files in 
> /dev/shm if the application exits abnormally. I don't know if UCX uses that 
> space as well.

No stale shm files.  echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches  doesn't do anything 
either.  But waiting a couple of minutes does cause the output of "free" to 
drop down to the normal idle level.  So not really a leak.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who gave suggestions.  For the moment I'm going to 
hope that the Mellanox OFED package will continue to work.  I've combined it 
with the SDSC Mellanox OFED roll, and it's a reasonably clean process (although 
I will have to do it (perhaps automated some day) for each kernel version).


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