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> I haven’t yet tried the latest OFED or Mellanox low level stuff.  That’s next 
> on my list, but slightly more involved to do, so I’ve been avoiding it.

Aha - using Mellanox’s OFED packaging seems to essentially (if not 100%) fixed 
the issue.  There still appears to be some small leak, but it’s of order 1 GB, 
not 10s of GB, and it doesn’t grow continuously.   And on later runs of the 
same code it doesn’t grow any further, so whatever the kernel memory is being 
used for and not released, it can at least be used again for the same purpose.

Thanks for the nudge to check out this option.  Do you happen to know how the 
installer handles kernel updates?  Is it at all automated, or do I need to 
rerun the installer to build new kernel modules each time?


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