> Am 29.07.2019 um 17:17 schrieb David Laidlaw <david_laid...@brown.edu>:
> I will try building a newer ompi version in my home directory, but that will 
> take me some time.
> qconf is not available to me on any machine.  It provides that same error 
> wherever I am able to try it:
> > denied: host "..." is neither submit nor admin host
> Here is what it produces when I have a sysadmin run it:
> $ qconf -sconf | egrep "(command|daemon)"
> qlogin_command               /sysvol/sge.test/bin/qlogin-wrapper
> qlogin_daemon                /sysvol/sge.test/bin/grid-sshd -i
> rlogin_command               builtin
> rlogin_daemon                builtin
> rsh_command                  builtin
> rsh_daemon                   builtin

That's fine. I wondered whether rsh_* would contain a redirection to `ssh` to 
(to get the source of the used `ssh` in your error output).

-- Reuti
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