I am posting this here, first, as I think these questions are probably
OpenMPI related and not related specifically to parallel HDF5.

I am trying to get parallel HDF5 installed, but in the `make check`, I
am getting many, many warnings of the form

mpool.c:38   UCX  WARN  object 0x2afbefc67fc0 was not returned to
mpool ucp_am_bufs

Is there is an environment variable that I can set to disable printing
of the UCX WARN messages?  I'm not finding anything obvious.
ompi_info shows

             MCA pml ucx: parameter "pml_ucx_verbose" (current value: "0", data
source: default, level: 9 dev/all, type: int)
                          Verbose level of the UCX component

but that is already set to 0, which I take to mean the least verbose.

What does that warning message actually mean?  Is it benign?  This is
being run in ph5diff, so short test programs.  I saw something at UCX
for a related message that the UCX developer said was because of a
missing MPI_Wait().

Thanks,    -- bennet
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