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> Hi, 


> Does anyone run pacemaker/corosync cluster in VMs hosted on Opennebula?
> Is it possible to share VIP?
> With ARP cache poisoning feature enabled
> ( it's not possible to add
> aliased VIPs to the cluster. Unless I manually run 'ovs-ofctl add-flow
> br0 in_port=305,arp,dl_src=<MAC>,nw_src=<VIP>...' on the host.
> The ARP poisoning block can be globally disabled in
> /var/lib/one/remotes/vnm/OpenNebulaNetwork.conf, but is it possible to
> selectively disable it for a specific VMs only.

There is a feature request to add multiple MAC or IP addresses[1] and
another one to override configuration per networks[2].

Making it configurable per VM, so configurable by users, may be a little

I prefer the solution of sharing reserved addresses.





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