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> Hello all,


> just for information, I know there is a pre-compiled version of
> OpenNebula in your repository, but in the "official" Debian repository
> there is only an old version of OpenNebula for Wheezy (3.4) and only
> the contextualization package for the upcoming Jessie.  There is any
> plan to have the package in the official Jessie repository?

First, I'm neither from the OpenNebula team nor a Debian developper.

I see no activity on the Debian repository[1].

I started[2] to rework the Debian packaging.

It's a big work, for now lintian is far from being happy[3] and I don't
know if the OpenNebula team is OK with it[4].

I do not even take the DFSG into account or the duplication of some
components[5] with other Debian packages.

So, I can't answer for others but it does not looks like it planed to
make the fast moving OpenNebula fit the distribution releases.




[3]  c.f. attachement



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