Jaime Melis <jmelis@opennebula.systems> writes:

> Hi Alberto,
> I can confirm what Daniel said. We have no current plans of updating the
> offical Debian package of OpenNebula. Debian packaing guidelines are very
> strict and as Daniel mentioned it's a very big job.
> Daniel, I apologize, but somehow I was not aware of #3129. I will update
> the ticket now.

Thanks, I have one issue with OpenNebula branches.

I based my work on the 4.10 package[1] to compare the original package
content with mine.

Now, I would like to follow master and derive the packaging based on OpenNebula
version, but I have a lot of conflicts when I merge master into my
packaging branch.

The base idea is to have one packaging branch following OpenNebula
master branch.

On a new release, a “release dedicated” packaging branch is
derived from the master packaging branch to follow the OpenNebula release.

Should I rebase[2] all my branches on master directly and then follow
the OpenNebula releases or is there a path to merge master and one-4.10?

Hmm, writing the question seems to gives my answer, it looks like the
cherry-picking of master commits on the one-<version> branches are the
reasons of the merge conflicts.

Any hints?

[1]  http://downloads.opennebula.org/packages/opennebula-4.10.1/

[2]  so changing history

Daniel Dehennin
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