My one4.8 installation is set up
with NFS-based shared image store #102 and local-based system
datastore #100 instantiated in local disk on each VM host.

Thus far it seems that I am forced to set up
the datastore path as


So that means I have to NFS export datastore #102
to all VM nodes with exactly that path
(/var/lib/one/datastores/102) and then as long
as the /var/lib/one/datastores path is there on the VM
host the directory /var/lib/one/datastores/100 will
be made when the first VM is launched.

All of this works just fine but it does mean that I
have to be careful every time I reset the cloud to
make sure that the image datastore is created as datastore #102.
If I ever end up changing the number for whatever reason I will
have to change all the mount points all across the cluster.

Has anyone ever figured out a better way to deal with
mounting a shared NFS data store?

Steve Timm

Steven C. Timm, Ph.D  (630) 840-8525
Office:  Wilson Hall room 804
Fermilab Scientific Computing Division,
Scientific Computing Facilities Quadrant.,
Experimental Computing Facilities Dept.,
Project Lead for Virtual Facility Project.

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