Hi Steve,
Normally If I have to use NFS based shared hosting then I mounted /var/lib/one directly on all nodes instead of mounting datastores seperately.

Else recently I configured multiple OpenNebula Nodes with local /var/lib/one directory added one Node just for backup and sync only datastores of all nodes on that backup node. So that I can easily live migrate VMs to that backup Node from any node.
It worked well for me. Pros:
1. Speedy managing instances as it uses local storage.
2. Live Migration works
3. Very Low cost compare to Fiber infrastructure
4. No need for separate Network storage as backup node can work as OpenNebula Host.

1. It cannot be realtime sync but you set cron for every minute
2. Need to monitor syncing.

Neelesh Gurjar

On 2015-02-16 09:35, Steven Timm wrote:
My one4.8 installation is set up
with NFS-based shared image store #102 and local-based system
datastore #100 instantiated in local disk on each VM host.

Thus far it seems that I am forced to set up
the datastore path as


So that means I have to NFS export datastore #102
to all VM nodes with exactly that path
(/var/lib/one/datastores/102) and then as long
as the /var/lib/one/datastores path is there on the VM
host the directory /var/lib/one/datastores/100 will
be made when the first VM is launched.

All of this works just fine but it does mean that I
have to be careful every time I reset the cloud to
make sure that the image datastore is created as datastore #102.
If I ever end up changing the number for whatever reason I will
have to change all the mount points all across the cluster.

Has anyone ever figured out a better way to deal with
mounting a shared NFS data store?

Steve Timm

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