we have an issue with docker/openshfit.
With Openshift 1.1.4 and Docker 1.8.2 we can delete a pod via "oc delete po" and the docker 
container is only stopped but not deleted. That means the container is still visible via "docker ps 
-a", /var/lib/docker/containers/[hash] still persits, "docker logs" still works etc.

With Openshift 1.1.6 and Docker 1.9.1 the docker container is sometimes DELETED when we 
delete a pod via "oc delete po" and sometimes it is just stopped like with 
Openshift 1.1.4/Docker 1.8.2.

Is there any way we can influence this? Ideally we would like "oc delete po" to 
just stop the pod but not delete it.


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