I retried having replaced the node that failed and this time all 3 pods started correctly.

If this happens again (I suspect it will) I will report the outputs you mention.


On 16/04/18 14:06, Rodrigo Bersa wrote:
Hi Tim,

Looks like there's a problem to access the Node, or the device (/dev/vdb) on this Node.

Can you share the output of: oc logs of the failing glusterfs POD and the heketi POD?

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On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 8:07 AM, Tim Dudgeon < <>> wrote:

    I'm having problems deploying GlusterFS to an Origin cluster.

    I have 3 identical nodes for running glusterfs, but the deployment
    seems to randomly fail on one of the nodes sometimes. This is a
    typical error (with the json reformatted). Notice how node 001 and
    003 work fine, but 002 fails.
    All three nodes are equivalent in config.

    TASK [openshift_storage_glusterfs : Load heketi topology]
    Monday 16 April 2018  10:49:57 +0000 (0:00:01.414) 0:44:22.372

      "changed": true,
      "cmd": [
      "delta": "0:02:08.608619",
      "end": "2018-04-16 10:52:06.930155",
      "failed_when_result": true,
      "rc": 0,
      "start": "2018-04-16 10:49:58.321536",
      "stderr": "",
      "stderr_lines": [],
      "stdout": "Creating cluster ... ID:
    69b19096f118186c5a09f9e78f9cb9aa\n\tAllowing file volumes on
    cluster.\n\tAllowing block volumes on cluster.\n\tCreating node
    orn-gluster-storage-001.openstacklocal ... ID:
    ec9d615910d52bc5db9f4b18fdb714f3\n\t\tAdding device /dev/vdb ...
    OK\n\tCreating node orn-gluster-storage-002.openstacklocal ...
    Unable to create node: Unable to execute command on
    glusterfs-storage-gbzd8:\n\tCreating node
    orn-gluster-storage-003.openstacklocal ... ID:
    9e69ad050cdc41af61707319612e5f58\n\t\tAdding device /dev/vdb ... OK",
      "stdout_lines": [
        "Creating cluster ... ID: 69b19096f118186c5a09f9e78f9cb9aa",
        "\tAllowing file volumes on cluster.",
        "\tAllowing block volumes on cluster.",
        "\tCreating node orn-gluster-storage-001.openstacklocal ...
    ID: ec9d615910d52bc5db9f4b18fdb714f3",
        "\t\tAdding device /dev/vdb ... OK",
        "\tCreating node orn-gluster-storage-002.openstacklocal ...
    Unable to create node: Unable to execute command on
        "\tCreating node orn-gluster-storage-003.openstacklocal ...
    ID: 9e69ad050cdc41af61707319612e5f58",
        "\t\tAdding device /dev/vdb ... OK"

    Any idea what's going wrong?


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