Hi team/Liviu,

Couple of  questions for clarification.

1)      I see for every HTTP request(for both sync and async), TCP ports are 
being opened and closed.
                 Are we not using same port and pooling the request in a 
particular port if we are hitting simultaneous requests?

2)      Children parameter in the config file - I understand the use case of 
this is to spawn multiple threads.
If we want to handle more load in OpenSIPS, we should increase this number 
So when increasing this number of children process we should take care of CPU 
utilization and according to the no of CPU and RAM we used in our Linux system.

Correct me if am wrong in my understanding of the above questions.


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On 14.09.2016 21:33, Ramachandran, Agalya (Contractor) wrote:
Are you going to add one more parameter "connect_polling_interval" and what 
will be use case of it?
Is it replacement for 10% wait time logic?

Also, I observed in the case of async call, it takes ~90 to 100ms to open the 
port itself. Is this expected behavior?

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