I have issue with very simple setup.

Two OpenSIPS servers (first is Active, second starts with keepalived only on
Active server failure, so not a cluster at all) connected to MariaDB with
same configs. Asterisk farm is registrar.

# USeR LOCation module
loadmodule "usrloc.so"
modparam("usrloc", "nat_bflag", "NAT")
modparam("usrloc", "working_mode_preset",
modparam("usrloc", "db_url", "DB_URL")

#### Mid Registrar module
loadmodule "mid_registrar.so"
modparam("mid_registrar", "mode", 2) /* 0 = mirror / 1 = ct / 2 = AoR */
modparam("mid_registrar", "outgoing_expires", 1800)
modparam("mid_registrar", "received_avp", "$avp(received_uri)")
modparam("mid_registrar", "tcp_persistent_flag",

This setup works somehow. Failover server starts with all locations
consistent and continues working. But when there are several switching
between Active/Failover in relatively short time, like 5-10 minutes then
most of the phones can't update their registrations because of the errors:

ERROR:mid_registrar:process_contacts_by_aor: 'last_reg_ts' key not found!

Only cleaning user location helps, like "opensipsctl ul rm <AoR>" After that
phone can register again.

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