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Hi there,

is there a way to use a string variable during a children-call in a scilab
Here is an example for what i want to do:

function myvalue = getchild(myparent,mychild)
     //this function doesn't work and is just meant to show the idea of what
I want to do:
    //"mychild" is a string to call for a childname of "myparent", which is a
struct. Is this at all possible?
     myvalue = myparent.mychild;

s = struct('a',[1 2 3],'b', [4 5 6]);
//how do I change my getchlidren function for this to work
x = getchild(s,'a'); // equivalent for x = s.a;
y = getchild(s,'b'); // equivalent for y = s.b;

What you name "children" is usually named a "field" of a structure or of another tlist or mlist type. You don't need any "getchild()" function to address / extract / feed the field of a structure.
It is a built-in syntax. Just do
And that's it.

s.r = [%pi %e %i]   // equivalent to s("r")
s.t = ["Hi" "Hello"]

// Now,
myField = "r";

// The syntax with ("..") allows using some fieldnames with spaces:
s("big cities") = ["Mexico" "Paris" "Tokyo"]
// s."big cities"  does not work, but the following does:
s("big cities")

UTF-8 chararacters are forbidden in field names with Scilab 5, but Scilab 6 accepts them:

 ans  =
    5.    5.    2.    1.428D+09

-->s.réel = %pi
    !--error 2
Invalid factor.

// In another session:
--> getversion("scilab")
 ans  =
   6.   0.   0.   1.477D+09

--> s.réel = %pi
 s  =
  réel: [1x1 constant]

Isn't this great ?! :)

Samuel Gougeon

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