Dear Members!

The problem is found on Ubuntu 16.04 x64.
PC: Lenovo Ideapad Z580a. Model 20135. Processor: CoreI7 3110M.

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5 серпня 2017, 14:58:18, від "Samuel Gougeon" <>:

Hello Viktor,

Le 05/08/2017 à 13:06, Viktor Mileikovskyi a écrit :
Dear members!

After running Scilab 64 bit and SciNotes and opening a file in SciNotes, the 
processor load is very high.
It does not drop in idle conditions! It drops only if the SciLab is closed.

It is exactly what i get when sometimes -- by mistake -- i open a .bin file 
instead of its .sci source.
Scinotes should ask for a confirmation when this occurs, in order to avoid the 
blocking situation.
For other regular files -- .sce, .sci, .tst, etc --, no problem on my side.

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