Dear Sir,

I am Abhinav and I'm working on the scilab2c toolbox. It would be helpful
if one of the Scilab2C toolbox developers could guide us with any solution
for the problems mentioned below-

1) To write a new function, we always have to decide the output sizes
according to scalar inputs or size of input matrix. But, if our output size
depends on an element which is a part of matrix, what can we do to assign
the output size accordingly.

2) There are few functions whose output size has no relation to input
matrix sizes, or they don't follow any regular pattern. For example, they
depend on rank of input matrix or something else. For such functions, is
there any work around to estimate the size first and assign accordingly in
the Tool Initialisation part.
If you could take some time and reply with a workaround for these problems,
it would be helpful to successfully emulate most of the Scilab functions in
C language. If someone could provide contact details of the toolbox
developers, that would be useful too.

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