Hi Richard,

Le 10/08/2017 à 13:58, Richard llom a écrit :
Hey All,
I have this code to print some information in the graph:
// Save info as string
infobox(1) = msprintf('Min V      %.2f V \n',min(log_data(:,3)));
infobox(2) = msprintf('Max V      %.2f V \n',max(log_data(:,3)));
infobox(3) = msprintf('Capacity   %.2f Ah\n',amphrs);
infobox(4) = msprintf('           %.2f Wh\n',watthrs);
// Print info as box on the figure
boxh = gce();
boxh.font_style = 0; // Set monospace font

I agree, this forced trimming is often annoying.
There is here an easy workaround: use a 2-column matrix instead of a unique column:

t  =  ["abc"   "def"
     "ghij"  "kl"
     ""      "mn"

HTH Samuel
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