uman 3.1 is released.

User manual in console. Advanced multimodal and multilingual Scilab documentation


 * Changes:

 * Manuals:

Crashes on Scilab 6.1.1 are fixed.
@ mode: New mailing list archives are used. @d will search on dev@lists.
w mode (web): Version 6.1.0 is used for missing online pages v.6.1.1.
The user manual is now available as well in PDF (english, french).
16 improvements & bugs fixed.
26 references added.

Since Scilab 6.1.0, uman can be used in the Advanced console (supporting extended characters).

If you are installing uman 3.1 while you were already using uman on your computer,
please delete your SCIHOME/uman directory before the first run of uman 3.1.

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