Le 10/02/2022 à 10:35, Foad Sojoodi Farimani a écrit :
I had initially asked the question here <https://discordapp.com/channels/384316553497280512/384325768685027328/941093238436134912> on xcos Discord channel <https://discord.gg/KeG3rdQ>. Basically, I want to replicate this SIMULINK tutorial <https://youtu.be/PRFCBVTFy90> in xcos, and so far you may see the .zcox file in the attachment. However, my plots in xcos are quite different from the ones in the above YouTube video.

The video is 26mn long, with several versions of the diagram. Which version are you addressing? Wrt to the version at 19:00, why do you skip the 1/s block and adds an INTEGRAL_m block in your sent version ?

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