Hello, I have a simple example of param3d1 graph: param3d1([1 2 3],[3 4 2],[5 2 4]); h=gce(); h.line_mode="off"; h.mark_mode="on"; h.mark_sytle=9; h.mark_size=1; h.mark_foreground=13; h.mark_background=13;
I would like to ask if it's possible to change properties of marks
individually? My main goal is to change colors using colormap according
to the values assigned to each mark (point on the graph). As an
illustration of my problem I give a vector of values and colors for the
3 points: [1 2 3] [red green blue]
I know how to do it for line_mode="on", but for mark_mode the structure
of figure is different. Thanks in advance for any help. Regards,

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