Thank you for your answer. Actually I was essentially interested in clicking on 
a polyline (or may be other graphic elements like Arcs, Rectangles, etc… rather 
than Axes), which makes it change its color (for grey in my Scilab 6.1.0 on 
Ubuntu 20.04). I understand that this concerns the java engine rather than the 
Scilab one.
Once you have one such highlighted object, (and if this has been obtained in a 
“pause” mode, after typing “resume” on the console), I would like the 
subsequent code to identify which of the object has been highlighted by the 

Best regards

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Le 07/06/2022 à 11:08, CRETE Denis a écrit :

In several occasions, I considered that it would be useful to get a handle on a 
highlighted entity.
Does a function which might be called “get_hilited_entity” exist ? I did not 
find either in the properties of basic entities like “Polyline” something 
related to the highlighted state of a polyline…

It depends on what  highlighted means to you. There is the Scilab's meaning -- 
as the current axes or figure are the default targets for forthcoming plots -- 
; and the java meaning -- as the elements that have the java focus, as when we 
click on a figure, or in an axes, on a curve, etc. Both meanings do not match:

  *   just clicking an an axes does not make it as the new default target for 
  *   making a figure or axes the active ones for Scilab does not move and put 
the mouse's pointer on them.
For the Scilab meaning, gce() is made for your request.

twinkle() helps a lot to visually identify the current active entity gce().

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