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The buffer size is not set by Scilab and hence is always the default for a given platform (it can be different for macOS, Linux, Windows). I suppose you need to increase or decrease it for a given application?

It is just for convenience. Here a better explanation. During simulation, I write some variables on file (used latter for statistical analysis) and I use to prepare and test the post-processing using the partial output data. Scilab does not write the data one by one, but by block of size 4096. The following code shows this behaviour.

--> function stupidWrite(fd,n,a)
--> for i=1:n mfprintf(fd,"%d",a); end
--> endfunction
--> fd=mopen("test.am","a");
--> stupidWrite(fd,4096,1);
--> unix_g("cat test.am | wc ");
 ans  =
  "      0       0       0"
--> stupidWrite(fd,1,2);
--> unix_g("cat test.am | wc ");
 ans  =
  "      0       1    4096"
--> mclose(fd)
--> unix_g("cat test.am |wc ")
 ans  =
  "      0       1    4097"

With the C language, the size of the output buffer is managed using setvbuf. It seems that there is no interface for C-coded version of setvbuf (contrary to many input/output C function).

So my question is: "is it possible to manage the size of the output buffer in Scilab?"

The solution I found is to mopen and mclose the file each time I want to write something. Is there another solution?


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