Hello Chris,

Thanks you for your email.

As you read on mailing-lists archives, Scilab is part of 3DS since a few months 
and will remain an open-source software:

-          Source code is available on GitLab: 

-          Development tools (GitLab CI) are currently being deployed,

-          Merge-request process and issue reporting are available.

Global migration is on-going from ESI to 3DS. Website migration should be 
completed in a few weeks; Social networks will follow. Thanks for pointing the 
issue about the mailing-lists links, we will fix them.
To your mind, what would be the best tool to replace mailing-lists?

Thank again for your email and as per your request more communication will be 
done soon.

Best regards,
Scilab Operational Team

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Subject: [Scilab-users] What is the status of Scilab as an organisation/project 
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Good afternoon.
I wanted to get a handle on the state of Scilab but I'm having a hard time 
putting it together.
From social media accounts, its like Scilab froze in the middle of 2020.
Theres no recent news beyond the release of 6.1.1 in 2021.
Links to the mailing lists on the website are broken.
Searching for the mailing list finds entries on mail archive, where there is 
some information that Scilab development has moved to Gitlab and Scilab has 
apparently been bought by 3DS from ESI.
I have a few questions:
What is the state of Scilab these days?
What is the road map for further development or communication with either the 
current or prospective users, since most people will stop at the broken mailing 
list link (assuming that the mailing list itself doesn't put people off in this 
age of forums, discourse, discord etc)?
What does the acquisition by 3DS mean for the project? The original 
announcement to this mailing list was 30 days after the action itself and 
nearly 90 days has passed since that time without further information.
With best regards,
Chris Pounds.

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