I would like to query from Marmotta based on a triple level selection. This 
selection has to be done on access rights, said so, if a user has access to the 
data he’s querying, he can see results. In other words, how can I define a 
policy so users can query only data that belongs to them? Any suggestions?

I have some ideas that might be implemented as a new module but wanted to know 
if there might some performance or scalability problems. 

        1. Use named graphs, and a user has access only to his graph. However, 
it be hard to maintain if there are many users.
        2. Define a security policy based on patterns. For this case, data 
would be into a single graph, the user sends his query, but before showing 
results some triples are filtered based on the patterns he has access to.

Has anyone come up with a similar use case with Apache Marmotta? Or any other 


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