Hi folks,.

I've a fast WebDriver using build that I blogged about: A 16 Second Java
Webapp Build (Including WebDriver Tests)

Jooby (like SpringBoot and SparkJava) give new options for testing - it can
be instantiated in a JUnit test. Everything can be done in Surefire now,
and the Failsafe plugin isn't needed for these.  Don't believe me - watch
the video in the blog entry above, it's not long.

New problem. I want unit tests to run in this order:

1. unit
2. integration (may invoke service calls headlessly)
3. function (will use WebDriver)

I can't work out what magic I have to do with executions to allow that to

Here is how far I got:


It is all a bit second class, because I'd have to do ...

mvn clean test -Punit-tests
mvn test -Pintegration-tests
mvn test -Pfunctional-tests

... to simulate a pipeline, and I would be happy to just rely on
annotations for classifications.

I really want to do ...

mvn clean test -DexecutionOrder=unit,integration,functional

... and shave seconds off the build.

How do I configure that tersely and elegantly in the surefire plugin today?

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