Hello Maven people,

Can someone at least give me some feedback on why this one is not
getting any answers? Asked the question in a wrong way? Is it not
clear? Not interesting?

I think supporting Docker-based builds is very important today. I'm
thinking of contributing code to solve this issue, but I first want to
confirm I didn't miss some solution that is already available.


On Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 12:57 PM, Adam Sandor
<adam.san...@container-solutions.com> wrote:
> I’m trying to figure out how to create a two-stage Docker build using Maven
> that would properly utilise Docker layer caching. Containing the whole build
> in a Docker container without external dependencies on volume mounts (for
> .m2 cache) has a lot of advantages.
> The only missing piece of the puzzle I can’t figure out is how to force
> Maven to download ALL dependencies just by using the pom file and not
> executing any compilation. The idea behind is to:
> 1. copy the pom file into the image
> 2. use maven to download all dependencies
> 3. copy the sources to the image
> 4. use maven to build the final artifact
> This way Docker will reuse the layer containing the dependencies if the pom
> file didn’t change. So dependency caching would be implemented in a
> Docker-ish way that works anywhere the Docker daemon is present as opposed
> to relying on Maven being installed and artifacts getting stored in a shared
> .m2/repository directory.
> Now the problem - Maven’s lazy downloading of dependencies. Even if I try to
> execute “mvn dependency:go-offline” Maven still doesn’t download plugins and
> other dependencies, which would only be required during the packaging phase.
> So the following Docker file doesn’t work as intended:
> FROM maven AS build
> WORKDIR /build
> ADD pom.xml /build
> RUN mvn dependency:go-offline
> ADD src /build/src
> RUN mvn -o package
> FROM openjdk:8-jdk
> WORKDIR /app
> COPY --from=build /build/target/app.jar /app
> CMD java -jar /app/app.jar
> Maven will still start downloading more dependencies on line 6.
> I found a workaround for this - execute “mvn package” with a single fake
> main class on line 4, but this is not a nice solution. Can anyone give me
> some option I’m missing or confirm that this is the way things are? In that
> case I can go ahead write a blog post showing my workaround to help other
> struggling with the same problem. Thank you!
> Adam Sandor from Container Solutions
> --
> Ádám Sándor
> Senior Engineer / Consultant
> Container Solutions
> 0680126174

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