I've published a plugin here:


It produces a standalone XHTML report detailing the modularization
status of the transitive dependencies of any project you point it at.
The status table is presented in reverse-topological order; start
bugging maintainers at the top first and work downwards. :)

A report produced for:


... Looks like this:


The project has had minimal testing, so there are likely to be issues.
It more or less delegates all of the actual work to the various Maven
dependency analysis code. Please let me know if it chokes on anything
you'd consider to be reasonable.

I'm still waiting to be able to push this to Central - I've run into
what appears to be a compatibility issue with the version of libgpg used
on Maven Central. I've filed a ticket with Sonatype and am just waiting
for them to upgrade their infrastructure. Until that happens, you'll
have to clone and "mvn install" this yourself. Sorry!

Mark Raynsford | http://www.io7m.com

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