I am finding that the sourcepath for javadoc:jar (when run as part of the
release profile) is different from the sourcepath for javadoc:javadoc in my
project that involves (protoc-) generated sources.

(The net effect is that at release time, everything works fine up until
release:perform, which fails (!) during the attach-javadocs execution I've
configured following the documentation (

I have a <pluginManagement> stanza centralizing my maven-javadoc-plugin
configuration that does not mention sourcepath in any way.

mvn help:effective-pom -Prelease shows exactly what I would expect, and no
additional maven-javadoc-plugin configuration.

Somehow, the sourcepath for javadoc:javadoc has the generated-sources
directory in it; the sourcepath for javadoc:jar does not.

Here is the pluginManagement section (it's quite ordinary):


When I run mvn -X javadoc:javadoc and inspect the options file, I see this:


When I run mvn -X javadoc:jar and inspect the options file, I see only this:


The javadoc:jar goal outputs a bunch of warnings.  When I run it locally
(mvn javadoc:jar), they show up as warnings.  When it is run as part of the
maven-release-plugin's perform goal, it fails the build.

I'm at a loss as to how to go about fixing this.  Is it, perhaps, the job
of the plugin in charge of generating the sources to do something here?


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