Hi all,

Has anyone tried using the MojoHaus flatten plugin in conjunction with Maven shade plugin? The trick is to get the flatten plugin to flatten the DRP after shading, instead of the original pom.

My goal is for the uber-jar to include a standalone POM that does not reference any parent POM, but still includes any original dependencies that were *not* shaded. So if the project has dependencies D1, D2, and D3, and the shade plugin is configured to put D2 and D3 into the uber-jar, then the DRP will contain only a dependency for D1. I then want the flatten plugin to remove the parent information (and some of the other stuff it removes) from the DRP, put the updated POM into the uber-jar, and then we proceed to mvn install/deploy with the uber-jar and flattened DRP.

I'm guessing doing this will require code changes in the flatten plugin, but if there's a pure configuration way of achieving that would be terrific.

Thanks for any input!


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