We are currently testing Mbuni as a MMSC and would appreciate whether
someone may help to clarify the following regarding the above subject. 


In our setup, Mbuni MMSC makes use of Kannel both as a WAP GW (wapbox)
for MMS origination and as a Push Proxy GW (smsbox) for the SMS-based
MMS notifications.  Also, it is to be noted that Mbuni is not currently
being used as a VAS GW.  


Now our question is, how does Mbuni MMSC need to be configured so that
it accepts and processes Push Notification DLRs from Kannel smsbox
(which smsbox would have in turn received from SMSC)?  We understand
that the Mbuni MMSC requires such Push Notification DLRs for the purpose

(i)                  Avoiding the retransmission of the Push
Notification; and

(ii)                Informing the MMS originator that the submitted MMS
was delivered.   


Thank you.


Best Regards,



Deborah and Andrew




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