We are currently testing Mbuni as a MMSC and would appreciate whether
someone may help to clarify the following regarding the above subject. 


In our setup, Mbuni MMSC makes use of Kannel both as a WAP GW (wapbox)
for MMS origination and as a Push Proxy GW (smsbox) for the SMS-based
MMS notifications.  Also, it is to be noted that Mbuni is not currently
being used as a VAS GW.  


Now our question is, how does Mbuni MMSC need to be configured so that
it accepts and processes a MMS Push Notification delivery report from
Kannel smsbox (which smsbox would have in turn received from SMSC with
respect to a corresponding MMS Push Notification)?  We understand that
the Mbuni MMSC requires the receipt of this MMS Push Notification
delivery report for the purpose of avoiding the resending of a
successful MMS Push Notification.


Thank you.


Best Regards,



Deborah and Andrew




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