About a month ago I started to have problems with one of
operators when sending via MM1 interface... They accept
m-send-reqs and properly respond with m-send-confs.

The problem is that when message contains SMIL it isn't delivered
to the destination address. If I send plain text, or image
message (without SMIL) it's being delivered correctly.

SMIL messages sent via other operators' MMSCs are handled

I suspect that the problem here is caused by a kind of software
upgrade/reconfiguration on the operator's side. I'm unable to
verify this with them however. It appears that their Customer
Care Department has been hired as a firewall between the
customer and the rest of the company. My most successful
conversation with them resulted in sending me configuration
messages for MMS service ;/

I've spent a lot of time experimenting with various combinations
of m-send-req and SMIL contents. It appears that whether the
message is being handled properly or not depends on SMIL

Maybe someone had similar problems and would like to comment on

Response headers tell me that their current gateway is Comverse



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